The Saltwater Collective is a line of elevated basics, thoughtfully and sustainably designed to reframe the story around swimwear.  


Our swimsuits are made to embrace your beauty. We recognize that beauty comes from the confidence that already exists within you, and we’re here to highlight it, to salute it, to applaud it. 

Here’s to connecting to your inner-confidence, your inner-beauty and then celebrating it with a swimsuit that is just as fabulous as you. 

Alexa, play Good as Hell by Lizzo.




My goal for The Saltwater Collective is to aid in changing the internal dialog that women face when shopping for swimwear. I want our customers to put on one of our swimsuits and feel completely confident in their own skin. I hope that by creating a variety of styles, customers will be able to fully design their own looks and showcase their favourite parts of themselves. As the brand grows my hope is that we have something for everyone to feel their best in.

"As the brand grows, 

my hope is that we have 

something for everyone to 

feel their best in" 


 Camilla James  

Owner & Designer  


Camilla grew up living in Denmark during the summer. She describes all beaches as a “nude beach” - they’re not labeled that way, but in Denmark it’s an unspoken fact that you decide whether you want to wear a swimsuit or not. This attitude is prominent amongst Danes, a culture where bodies are just that....bodies!

Camilla describes her mother as the inspiration behind her brand and the most important influence on how she now views her body as an adult. 

“My mom’s influence wasn’t something I recognized until I got older. I didn’t identify with the thought process that bodies are something that we think of in great length, analyzing their shapes and inconsistencies - she taught me that everyone has a different body and there’s nothing wrong with that.” 

 “She always had a very accepting, matter-of-fact view on bodies. I remember how she never commented on her own body in front of me … and the times that I had something to say about mine, she’d advise me to go to the beach, look around, and take note on the fact that every single person has a body. 

She would remind me that our bodies are unique and belong solely to ourselves. And that’s something we should all be proud of”

Saltwater was built on this premise, and we will continue to weave this message into everything we do.

with love,